Do you want to help deliver delightful desserts and unforgettable entertainment experiences?

This isn’t an ordinary job, and we aren’t looking for ordinary candidates. We’re super picky about who we hire, and we expect a lot out of our team members. But we work hard to make Soda Jerk Co. and the Nemesis Club a really great place to work!!!

Soda Jerk (Making Shakes & Smiles)

Serve up ridiculously delicious milkshakes, floats, and sundaes in our retro-inspired milkshake bar! This isn’t your run of the mill food service job. We live to deliver uplifting, unforgettable experiences for our guests, and it takes an awesome team to create a memorable environment and make amazing shakes.

About you (we hope!):

  • You have a Soda Jerk personality – friendly, positive, honest, composed, and fun.
  • You’ll enjoy working with the team to create memorable experiences.
  • In addition to slinging shakes, you’ll happily do the other stuff soda jerks have to do – restocking, cleaning, whistling while you work, etc.
  • You’re diligent – both careful and persistent.
  • You to learn and grow, and you’re open to coaching.
  • You’re available to work some weeknights and weekends (Friday & Saturday . . . we’re closed on Sundays.
  • In short, you’ll put delicious desserts in people’s bellies and smiles on their faces. You’ll be one of the friendlies Jerks in town. (By the way, we’re not interested in interviewing any real jerks. Nobody has time for that. We’ll teach you all the soda jerk skills you need.)

We’re planning to expand soon, so we’ll have a lot of growth opportunities for super stars.

Escape Game Sidekick (Game Master)

The Nemesis Club is redefining escape games. We’re building next-gen escape rooms that immerse players in unforgettable experiences and challenge them to discover the hero within. Our first two games at our Phoenix location are winning awards and captivating players’ imaginations. We’re building more games and new locations, so there will be great growth opportunities for awesome sidekicks!

The Nemesis Club is co-located with Soda Jerk Co., a retro-inspired milkshake bar serving up ridiculously delicious milkshakes, floats, and other frozen delights. At both concepts, we live to deliver uplifting, unforgettable experiences for our guests. Sidekicks at the Nemesis Club also work as soda jerks, putting delicious shakes in guests’ bellies and smiles on their faces.

The role:

  • Deliver unforgettable experiences for Nemesis Club guests.
  • Enhance the story world environment within the Nemesis Club by staying in character during all guest interactions.
  • Greet players as they sneak through the secret entrance.
  • Act in an assigned role within the game as you introduce the players to their scenario.
  • Remotely monitor games, providing guidance to teams that caters to their play style. Deliver timely, story-appropriate clues that give players the best game experience possible.
  • Celebrate with teams after they win!
  • Precisely reset rooms between games.
  • Perform maintenance on game props. Promptly communicate issues to team leaders.


  • You love escape games and themed entertainment.
  • You can play a role in the story and stay in character.
  • You enjoy delivering delightful guest experiences and love entertaining.
  • You are witty and can think of your feet, adapting quickly to challenges that arise during gameplay. You can turn difficult situations into positive experiences for guests.
  • You are detail oriented and have a good memory.
  • You are good with computers, apps, and technology.
  • You’ll become a master of making milkshakes!
  • You love to learn and grow, and you’re open to coaching.
  • Above all, you are super friendly!!! (plus positive, honest, composed, fun, and a team player)

Most of our sidekicks and jerks are part time, but we’re willing to consider full time candidates as well. Starting pay depends on experience.

Oh! And we’re closed on Sundays!!! So you’re always guaranteed at least one day off every weekend.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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