Soda Jerk Milkshakes


The Cadbury Killer Shake in a Soda Jerk cup surrounded by Easter eggs.


The Circus Killer Shake in a Soda Jerk cup surrounded by popcorn and Circus Animal Cookies


Butter Fingers Killer Shake in a Soda Jerk cup surrounded by Butterfinger crumbs.



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Woman sipping from the straw of a Tuxedo Killer Milkshake and standing by the front door to Soda Jerk
Sweet Tooth Killer Milkshake in front of a Soda Jerk Co. Milkshake Bar logo painted on the wall
Ice Cream Social title graphic


Best of Our Valley 2022 winner badge
Girl sipping a straw from a Sweet Tooth killer milkshake
Inescapably Delightful headline

Exceptional Ingredients

Delicious milkshakes start with top-notch ingredients. We scoop premium ice creams, pour fresh milk from a local dairy & handcraft many of our toppings daily.

Creative Recipes

Our recipes are inspired by turn-of-the-century soda jerks, Mom’s seasonal baking, everyday pantries & our cravings. We love to make pretty things, but we live to make them delicious.

Friendly Jerks

We believe in hospitality, and it makes us happy to put a milkshake in your belly and a smile on your face. We hope you agree that we’re the friendliest jerks in town!

Secrets (Shhh!!)

We’re sworn to secrecy about a few family recipes. And it would be terrible if Mom found out . . . wait a minute. Why do customers keep disappearing through that freezer door?